Picture Frames

NEW!!!  Wall Cross



Includes 5 conchos can be round or square 

Please specify concho choice along with antiqued copper, bright silver or antiqued silver 

(conchos shown were customer provided and cannot be duplicated)

Conchos can be "blinged" with colors of your choice using swarovski crystals Please add $35.00


Shown using the Canyon braid, but other braids can be used.  The canyon braid will take a significant amount of hair (Approximately a dimes thickness at the top where banded x 2 for the frame)  

When ordering, I will examine the amount of hair sent and attempt the canyon braid.  If there is not enough hair, another braid style will be chosen at my discretion.   Or, I may choose to do a partial frame, please see photo options below.  

Frame is a 5 x 7 size and design may vary, however, will be comparable to the one shown.  

Please choose antiqued silver conchos (shown) or antiqued copper conchos and specify in the details of the order form.  

If you have any special requests, please inform me on the order form or when ordering through my online store.  You may email me with any questions or special request questions.



For Blinged conchos, Please add $25.00

Option #1

Option #1

Frame shown below with Swarovski Black and Clear AB Blinged conchos.

Option #1 Blinged

Frame shown below with Swarovski Aquamarine and clear AB crystals.

Option #2

Perfect option if you do not have a lot of hair to work with.

Option #3

Another perfect option if you do not have a lot of hair to work with.

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