Tangled Tails Keychains, Earrings and Keepsakes

Whole Tail Braid  $60.00

Don't want jewelry to wear, but still want a keepsake of your beloved horse?  I can braid the whole tail for you!  This is a flat braid and is perfect for hanging on the wall with your favorite photo or inside a shadow box.   

Loop with tassle Keychains  $25.00  

Please specify color of bead when ordering.

Braided Loop Keychains (Below)

4 strand braid, (shown below) $25.00

8 strand braid (no beads) $35.00

Add $5.00 to add beads or simple charm (does not include engraved charms).  Please specify color of bead when ordering.

Flat braid keychain (Below)

Love chain braid only $30.00

Please specify color of bead when ordering.

Please specify approximate total length


To add an extra beads to the keychains, please add $5.00 to total cost.  See below for example.


4 strand braid Earrings $30.00  without beads or $40.00 with beads 

8 strand braid Earrings $40.00 without beads or $50.00 with beads

Please specify color or style of bead when ordering.

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